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Charged with a crime in Riverside, CA?

The thought of going to jail on a criminal charge can be devastating to the accused and their families. If you or a loved one has been accused of a criminal offense, it is important that you seek legal representation that is dedicated to your case and has an established record in criminal court. Our teams of criminal defense attorneys have an extraordinary record throughout the courts in the Riverside area.

Former Prosecutors Fighting For You

Our attorneys have years of experience working in the Riverside County Courts, working within the legal system of both sides of the bench, giving our lawyers a well-defined vision into how to present your case, with a purpose of a promising outcome to you.

Our attorneys specialize in criminal law, a title that a few defense teams in the county can claim. We have an unrivaled pledge to defending our clients which is why we are the best around.

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At our California Defense firm, we are honored to assist our clients with a thorough and dynamic legal counsel that can be counted on in even the most disheartening of situations. By receiving the participation of a Riverside criminal defense attorney from our legal team, you do not need to face the future alone. We understand what is on the line and we grasp the importance of delivering reliable assistance when it is needed most.

Contact a Riverside criminal defense attorney from California if you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation in a criminal case.