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Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in all defending any California criminal...

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Why Choose California Defense

Selecting the best legal representation makes all the difference. Don’t settle for less.

RECENT WINS (Criminal Defense)
  • Jury Trial on Domestic Violence – NOT GUILTY
  • Charges of Assault on Police Officer – DISMISSED
  • Restraining Order against Former Romantic Partner - GRANTED

California Defense, P.C. brings together experience and
clients’ wishes to a one concrete resolution!

Getting a hold of law enforcement and resolving the case BEFORE it reaches the prosecutor’s desk!

Sending our private investigators to produce concrete evidence to help our client before the police report get to the prosecution!

Working closely with the prosecution to understand what their main concerns are and resolving the case outside of court!

Working closely with our clients and private investigators in preparing mitigation packages along with discrediting false witnesses for a speedy and jail-free resolution!

"After I realized how severe the charges against me were, I knew this was not something I could take a chance with. The offer by the prosecutor was so bad, it would have put me in prison for 6 years. I then knew I had to go with a firm that would listen and make me a priority. My words had to reach the prosecution and the judge! I can’t say that going to court was fun for me. But Granth and the California Defense team gave me the confidence I needed. We got through it and I never spent a day in jail! Thank you, California Defense!"

Adam B.

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