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Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in all defending any California criminal matter. Whether you’ve been charged with multiple counts of felony and you’re facing years in state prison, or a simple misdemeanor, our attorneys’ experience will guide you through the entire process. We regularly defend clients whose former counsel was a court appointed lawyer who was not interested in hearing the client’s side of the story.

Our knowledge of law enforcement practices and interactions with investigators and prosecutors give us an insight to a client’s unlikely any other.

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"After I realized how severe the charges against me were, I knew this was not something I could take a chance with. The offer by the prosecutor was so bad, it would have put me in prison for 6 years. I then knew I had to go with a firm that would listen and make me a priority. My words had to reach the prosecution and the judge! I can’t say that going to court was fun for me. But Granth and the California Defense team gave me the confidence I needed. We got through it and I never spent a day in jail! Thank you, California Defense!"

Adam B.

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