Violent Felonies

In California, violent felonies punishable by death or imprisonment in the state prison for life. AS such, they carry lengthy exposure to time in custody. As such, a violent felony must be approached and defended carefully. California Defense utilizes the services of private investors who will dig up the facts and provide our clients with the ammunition to fight and win!

Drug Felonies

Although possession of illegal substance may be a felony, generally it is the actions that affect the community at large that are the concern of law enforcement. Trafficking, distribution, possession with intent to sell are some of the drug felonies that carry tough custody terms.

Domestic Violence

Although Domestic Violence is generally charged as a misdemeanor in California, in the past 20 years, law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies have drastically changed how they investigate and prosecute domestic violence. Domestic violence may be a felony in certain circumstances, but misdemeanors in others. Additional enhancement charge such a ‘grave bodily injury’ may added in some cases; that is treated as a strike per California law.